Taiat Dansa

Meritxell Barberá and Inma García, with degrees in Classical and Contemporary Dance in Valencia, founded their own company, Taiat Dansa, in 2003. Since then, their works have been presented in prestigious venues and festivals both nationally and internationally. As a distinguishing feature, their creations have also been shown in museums, supported by some pedagogical work. .

Since 2009 they have worked with other national and international companies as choreographers. This way they print their choreographic and artistic signature to other renowned companies. These works display choreographic elements in close relationship with an intense dramatic work inspired by cinema, literature and art. Music is a core element in their choreographic creations, working with the musician Caldo from the beginning of the artistic process.

Taiat’s work tends to be temperamental, with large doses of criticism, passion and commitment. They are interested in a permanent search for new languages of movement, the alteration of structures and dance techniques already known and in working from distortion, renewal, to rediscover both body and dance. The construction of their works is closer to the cinematographic discourse than to the theatrical one and their intention lies in presenting their desires, obsessions and conflicts using the body as the main player.

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